Domination Dogos

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Ch. Domination Hidalgo
Pictured here at just 12 months old

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 I traveled to La Cocha Kennels in Argentina, and stayed with Dr. Ulises Martinez, to see the Dogos in action for ourselves. We were on Safari with the Dogos & made an accomplished hunt. We ate like kings for 3 days!... We hand picked 4 pups, an older female pup and an adult that was expecting the pups we currently have. The real importance here is that ALL the pups are MOROCHO pups. If you have not yet seen the youtube video "Dogs 101-Dogo Argentino full version" you should & you would understand. Morocho had passed away 3 days prior to our arrival in a freak accident. With his fame and now being deceased, this was our only opportunity for this bloodline to continue. We have bred & raised many breeds, finishe many champions over the years, but unless one really educates themselves in the breed you really cant get the full experience. We have owned Dogos for almost 2 yrs with our first 2 purchsed in the US & being spayed after being diagnosed with Demodex. We were not satisfied with the quality that was here & decided to go strait to the blood of the originator of the breed. You may also go to the LA COCHA website for more info.
Our pups are born indoors in a whelping cement area that is easily disinfected & temperature controlled. They do not venture outdoors prior to going home for their own safety as our valley has the highest incident of parvo & corona in the nation...But they are handled daily be me  our 6 school age children. the pups will be BAER tested prior to placement. 1 year genetic health guarantee. Pups will have at least 2 sets of vaccine & several de-wormings. A health history is provided. FCI registration will be given as soon as received from Dr. Ulises Martinez as they will  be registered through his kennel first and carry the LA COCHA name. We love & work very hard to provide a well balanced pup to may happy families. These pups are special. The pups will be 4 weeks old Saturday, so they do not have too much personality yet. I start to grade them through 6 weeks old to week out or keep an eye on any pet only or show potential pups that I find. I look for faults such as hernias, retained testicles, size structure or really anything that would NOT qualify them for show. Pups will range from $2000-5000 depending on the quality, potential, purpose and registration. 

I will explain the importance of this litter....

Hope I covered it all....if you have any more questions just ask away....