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We Abide By California State Law And All Of Our Guarantees Are On A Case By Case Basis

Deposits:. Buyer understands that Mother Nature does not always give what we had hoped. We will do our best to satisfy your color preference.  We will not guarantee color In the event a puppy of the requested sex or quality is not born, deposit will be moved to an up coming litter. We refund deposits immediately for pups under 4 weeks of age or after the placement of pups over 4 weeks of age.  Puppy must be paid for, in full, by pick-up or shipping date We except guaranteed funds ONLY, CASH, MONEY ORDER, PAYPAL +3%.   No Exceptions.

If at any time during the course of this transaction, breeder the deems buyer is not a suitable home for this puppy, we reserve the right to refund the money and withdraw our agreement to sell this dog to this buyer.


At the time of sale, Breeder believes the puppy is a parasite free, healthy, sound, quality puppy that is current on all vaccinations.   Breeder affirms that there are no known genetic defects in the sire/ dam of this puppy. Buyer must have puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian of their choice & expense, within 72 hrs from date of delivery.  Failure to do so will result in all guarantees being void.  We only accept responsibility for any symptoms of PARVO & CORONA within 48 hrs of purchase.   We do not guarantee against Coccidiosis or Giardia after date of purchase.Note- Cherry eye and Entropion are considered cosmetic problems and are not covered by our guarantee. However, if either occurs while in our procession, we will fix it at no additional charge.


Buyer understands and agrees that health issues may occur with any dog and breeder is NOT responsible for any medical bills or expenses caused by these issues.

Under NO circumstances do we grant cash refunds or accept any liability for medical expenses, veterinarian fees, shipping costs or any other expenses related to the care of buyer’s puppy.

Health Guarantees: Puppy is guaranteed against life threatening genetic problems.  
If the veterinarian detects a life threatening genetic problem within 72 hrs, a full refund of purchase price or a replacement puppy of equal value, if one is available,  will be given upon the return of the original puppy and registration papers, within  12 hours of diagnosis. Breeder is not responsible for transportation to or from breeder. Buyer must provide a written statement from the examining veterinarian detailing the health problem.  If the Buyer fails to take the pup to be examined by a licensed veterinarian within the 72 hr period, does not return the puppy within the  12 hrs of diagnosis, or if the Buyer decides to keep the puppy after discovering a problem, the Breeder will not be responsible for any veterinary costs incurred after purchase.  The Breeder has the right to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian of the Breeders choice, at the Breeders expense, for a second opinion.

If a serious health problem is noted during the above examination, we must receive a written statement from buyer’s vet within 1 day of examination. Upon verification by our vet of stated health problem, puppy must be returned to us. When available, puppy will be replaced with one from the same price category.

This does not include problems caused by environmental factors; examples are thyroid problems, allergies or skin problems, including Demodex mange or mange of any sort,  Breeder guarantees this puppy from crippling hip Dysplacia, Generalized Demodex. Companion quality puppies are not replaced unless condition severely lowers the quality of life. All claims for poor hips must be submitted prior to the dog being 12 months of age.  One of the following; OFA or PennHip report and/or a copy of x-ray MUST accompany claims.

 Written verification must be provided by buyer’s vet and diagnosis agreed upon by our vet.

Severe crippling hip dysplasia must be verified prior to contacting seller through a Penn Hip
certified test. Mild or moderate is not considered life threatening for this breed of dog. Buyer must provide vet records proving the puppy was vaccinated.   All guarantees are good the 1st  year of life. If requirements are not met, all guarantees are null and void.  Proof of heretic disease must be confirmed by both parties veterinarians, a replacement puppy  shall be provided at the discretion of the breeder. Puppies’ hips and elbows are guaranteed for the first year from any dysplasia caused by a genetic defect as deemed by 2 licensed veterinarians of Breeders choice.  Guarantee does not include dysplasia from, but not limited to the following:Poor Nutrition  , Injury from jumping or falling, Accidents not in the Breeders control ,Trauma, Mistreatment   ,Over supplementation.

Buyer understands and agrees that extensive exercise before the dog is 18 months and mature is strictly prohibited. This includes Jumping in and out of vehicles; excessive stair use, prolonged jogging and any other activities that may cause undue stress to undeveloped joints.

 A) The Buyer may return the puppy to the Breeder and the Breeder will replace the puppy with another equal quality puppy when one becomes available.  The puppy may remain unaltered at the discretion of the Breeder.
B)The Buyer may decide to keep the puppy if they so wish, thus assuming all future medical bills and potential problems.  However, as compensation the Breeder will refund one half of the buyers original purchase price. Or receive another puppy at half it's cost.
The Breeder has the right to seek a second opinion by a veterinarian of choice.  If any disputes arise as to the cause or validity of the injury, both parties agree to select a third mutually agreed upon veterinarian specialist in the diagnosed problem to resolve the dispute.  Expense for such specialist consultation will be split evenly between the Buyer and Breeder. The dog must be returned to the breeder or a replacement puppy given  when proof of spay/nueter of puppy supplied to the breeder. The breeder is not responsible for traveling expenses of said puppy or any incurred veterinary expenses.

 Replacements are made when puppies are available. NO guarantee as to the time frame. After breeder provides one replacement, they have no further obligation.



NO OTHER PROMISES HAVE BEEN MADE UNLESS STATED HEREIN:  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

This written agreement is a binding contract entered into the State of California and is the entire agreement between the breeder and buyer concerning the health conditions or loss of the puppy.

 In the event Buyer does not uphold these requirements, all guarantees are void.

All legal disputes must be resolved by a court in Madera County, California.


Thank you so much for choosing us to purchase your pet. We will work with you in any way possible so that everyone is satisfied. We hope you enjoy and love your pet as much as we do ours. If at any time you have any questions or needs we will help you in any way we can!

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